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iTmarine is now trusted by over 25 of the leading shipbroker and chartering companies in the UK and in many places around the world. Our Live! Board system is one of the most powerful information gathering and data sharing solutions available on the market, ideally suited to Shipbrokers and Dry Cargo Chartering/Owning… Take a look at our client endorsements page. iTmarine stands out from the rest!

Team Sharing and market information Collaboration

Stay connected to your in-house market information flow wherever you are. The iTmarine Live! Board is a shipping-centric platform that allows teams, sectors and departments to share their information instantly and in a user-friendly way. Unlike basic instant messaging products, our systems are geared to the activities of shipbroking and ship chartering to centralise their flow of market data in a format best suited to the client. The applications offer many additional features and functions that facilitate the viewing and exchange of data so that users are always up to date with the exact status of the market, even across multiple sectors, within a single framework… they are also tried, tested and proven products successfully operating across 5-person to 200 person teams.

Market Boards for sharing ‘gossip and information’ can be set for department types & requirements and be that Handy/Panamax; Pacific/Atlantic; or VLCC, Suezmax, LR1, Products or Gas etc…

Instant view eWhiteboards, for Managing Lists such as Vessels for Sale or Position/Tonnage List or Fixtures/Cargoes (for CPP,Gas or Dry Cargo), can be made available for team-sharing, so when edited all the relevant users see the most up to date information simultaneously.

The Overnighter/Reports template is very useful for inter-/intra-office sharing of daily reports, and PDF documents can be instantly viewed and centrally stored for shared access. Also available via the Live! Board link from your iPhone, iPad etc.

Internal or external data feeds, such as Baltic Indices and Baltic Fixtures (Dry) can be instantly displayed and correctly categorised, with historical searching and matching of vessel name or charterer or fixture type. The system can be customised to departmental needs by selecting the features and facilities that best serves your own department or organisation.

Sharing market information within the Live! Board vastly reduces the need to send and view internal emails containing this rapidly changing data thus freeing each users’ time to instantly focus on the latest up to date information at the point of reference.

Stay connected on All your devices

Stay connected wherever you are. Whether you are in the office or at home or even on the move you can take the Live! board with you. Stay upto date and keep track of all work related Market information or even chat with the ‘boards’ remotely…


The iTmarine Live! Board content is available on iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, and other mobile devices. To add the benefits of shared information whilst you are ‘on the move’, our users are able to view and update the very latest status of their internally shared market information from various mobile devices… You can access live, and real-time the shipping market information pertinent to your departments daily chartering activities. Access your private, internal information flow on fixture movements, cargo requests and other business related market information from any of the office-based Live!Board sectors as well as view Indices, Bunkers, Shipping News and other links that are associated to the iTmarine electronic whiteboard system.

Managed Auto Alerts

Receive optional Alerts whilst on the move – updated content directed to your mobile device. Individually control the alert mechanism to your chosen medium to be automatically fed with latest entries made on the shared ‘boards’ by your colleagues. iTmarine offers links to SMS, Yahoo IM! and Skype user ID while on roaming.

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